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Client Project

UX/UI Designer


Four Months

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Project Background

Morrison agency and Wizardly joined forces in redesigning the Priority website. I was apart of the Wizardly design team where we  handled the wireframes & prototypes, while Morrison handled AI, Copy writing & development.


Teams & Their Roles

The end client was Priority, but I worked primarily with Wizardly and Morrison to present, defend design decisions, and collaborate throughout the project.

Our primary collaboration tool was Slack, Sketch and Invision for receiving feedback from both Morrison and Priority.

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The Problem

Priority had a total of 9 seperate websites that targeted their various users that were either product driven or solutions driven. There was a big disconnect within the brand and company and often left their users confused when navigation through the Priority maze.

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Our                  Approach

Morrison provided the initial research, user personas, competitor analysis and the website’s information architecture in the form of a content doc. It was on Wizardly to take that information and layout the content in a user friendly layout that guided the users throughout the website.

Project Timeline

Our part of the project took four months to cover the 4 phases. Each phase consistency of web and mobile wireframes, prototypes and revisions. There were two rounds of revisions - one with Morrison and the second with Priority.



This overview highlights some of the priority websites illustrates the lack of branding, consistency, and structure.

Information Arch

We received the previously established Information Architecture of the new website in the form of a Google Doc that also outlined the copy for the pages. I took that information and created an easy to follow layout.



Throughout the project, we’d analyze what the competitors were doing to layout content heavy websites, how they would guide users through their website, and manage multiple targeted users.

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The Creative Director at Wizardly set the tone for the visuals, and I lead the UX for the remaining 33 pages.

UI Kit

For the UI kit, I helped organized and structure the various button states for development handover.



This overview highlights some of the priority websites illustrates the lack of branding, consistency, and structure.

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The final deliverables consisted of 35 page web and mobile prototypes.

Project was in collaboration with