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Animal adoption app that allows you to find your next companion with ease

Role • Research & UX/UI 

Timeline • Oct - Nov 2018 

Project Type Concept

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Problem Statement

Most people are to busy to make frequent stops at animal shelters when searching for their next campion, so they turn to adoption apps. In order to find the perfect fit, they need an app that is reliable, intuitive, and informal, but are finding themselves frustrated with the lack of features, which leads to no adoptions. 


I surveyed 30 people who had experience using an animal adoption app.


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> Over 50% gave up on finding a companion after trying multiple adoption apps
> Frustrated about lack of search features and information about the animals
> Prefer to search for animals, message shelters, and schedule meet and greets all in one place


> Flexibility to search for animals on my free time

> Easily book meet and greets with a few animals

> Know when a new animal has been listed

> Be able to read details about the pet before scheduling a meet and greet

> Have a seamless adoption process with everything in one spot


> Don't have time to search FB for pets, or make frequent stops at animal shelters

> Don't have a thorough understanding of how animal adoption works


> Not able to learn more about the animal

> Lack of quality photos of animals

> Unavailable animals are still listed

> Not able to search further than 5 miles from current location

> Not enough filters to select specific breeds, weight, behavior...etc

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Happy Paws wireframes

Behind The Design

Based on my research, I designed an app that allows users to find their next companion with confidence and ease.

Below are the screens that highlight the features needed to ensure a good user experience.

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Happy Paws mockup
Happy Paws mockup


Filter the exact breed, location, gender, or size. You'll have the option between a basic or advanced search to ensure you're able to find the perfect fit.


The all-in-one profile allows you to view your saved animals, upcoming meet-and-greets, and the paperwork needed to finalize your adoption.

Happy Paws mockup
Happy Paws mockup


Learn about the animal's breed, age, size, traits, behavior, and more. This detailed animal profile provides all the information you need to make an informed decision.

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Designed and prototyped screens that connect people with animals ready for adoption.


The Happy Paws app provides value to animal lovers, animal shelters, and of course, the animals.